les actrice. (funhouse_mirror) wrote in aclassicbeauty,
les actrice.

Survey =)

Name: Kelly

Age: 16

Birthday: 10-4

Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge, Closer, Cruel Intentions, Almost Famous, Garden State, ESOTSM, American Beauty, Edward Scissorhands, Hook, My Fair Lady, Some Like it Hot, To Catch A Theif, Gone with the Wind, Camelot, Marjorie Morningstar, let's just say that I LOVE movies.

Favorite Colors: green.

Favorite Actresses: audrey hepburn, keira knightley, nicole kidman, natalie portman.

Favorite Actors: cary grant, gene kelly, and johnny depp =D

What music do you like?: EVERYTHING. Rock, and Musicals are my favorite though.

What bands/artists do you like?: Alot. It depends more on the song with me not so much just the band.

What books do you enjoy? wasted by marya hornbacher, invisible monsters by chuck palahnuick, the kite runner, the lovely bones, the perks of being a wallflower, i like books alot too and many different kinds.

Why are you interested in this community? i love the classics. the movies, the fashion, the lingo, everything. and i'm guessing it's a shared like around here =)
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