Lindsay (linandvin) wrote in aclassicbeauty,

Name: Lindsay

Age: 17

Birthday: May 15th

Favorite Movies: Ohh, so many. Rear Window, The Manchurian Candidate (62), It's a Wonderful Life, West Side Story

Favorite Colors: blue and green

Favorite Actresses: Grace Kelly, Rachel McAdams, and others

Favorite Actors: James Dean, Jimmy Stewart, and some more I can't think of right now

What music do you like?: I like country, and I know that a lot of people frown upon it, but I do.

What bands/artists do you like?: I like garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Sugarland, and most country artists

What books do you enjoy? I really liked The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, and Mystic River and Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, but my favourites are and always will be Harry Potter 

Why are you interested in this community? I just love and am facsinated by classic films and actors. I'm absolutely in love with James Dean, I have posters of him all over my room. He was so amazing. I love the '50's, they rock

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