no one hears me SING THIS SONG (sp1naround) wrote in aclassicbeauty,
no one hears me SING THIS SONG

.. when you drink champagne and it tastes just like coca cola. hee.

Name: katie.

Age: fourteen.

Birthday: may twenty-second.

Favorite Movies: pretty in pink; the notebook, the breakfast club, and my faaavorite movie ever is grease. haha. .. and west side story. hm.

Favorite Colors: black and pink and blue.

Favorite Actresses: lucille ball, drew barrymore, marilyn monroe.

Favorite Actors: john travolta, johnny depp.

What music do you like?: i like a lot of different music - rock, alternative, classic rock, all that fun stuff.

What bands/artists do you like?: the killers, the beatles, abba, the beachboys, the kinks, green day, taking back sunday, jet, placebo, the foundations, shadows of night and .. the temptations. plenty more but i'm lazy.

What books do you enjoy? oh ha. i loove books. this lullaby by sarah dessen, the shining by stephen king, a clockwork orange, the perks of being a wallflower, the harry potter series, a series of unfortunate events series, les miserables, the princess diaries series, after the dancing days, my louisiana sky .. etc.

Why are you interested in this community? mostly because i absolutely love the era. i adore marilyn monroe and katherine hepburn and the likes, and .. it seems interesting. plus some interests are shared, and that's always good. ♥
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